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A couple of our members, Fran, Malc & Jo, were approached at Goodwood breakfast run last weekend by a researcher off Top Gear (Thanks to our fab jackets). Apparently she had emailed someone, not sure who, to ask if we, as a club, would be interested in doing a charity event at the airfield they do their testing etc. Fran has all the contact details and if you could call them Superb to arrange something i am sure several of us would be up for it. If you are too busy then i am more than happy to look into it on your behalf. Will keep you updated with any further developments as soon as i hear.
Sounds good, its up near Guildford isn't it?
I have the details now and as i haven't heard anything back from Superb (Suprise Suprise) i will give her a call and try and find out some info for next club meet.
Thanks for doing that Trace, I'm sure its an event many of may be interested in. Not too far away, and nice to see where Top gear is actually filmed.
I have had a lovely email from Fiona - see below. I have also forward the email on to those i have addresses for.

Thanks for getting back to me. I've copied all the details of the Dunsfold event below. It would be great to have you along, I love the mix of cars you have in the club. I've got a few interesting ones myself: Sebring SX, Porsche 550 Spyder replica(under construction), Toyota Sera and a 1969 Baja Beetle which I imported from California last year then drove from the Uk to Singapore
Anyway back to the Dunsfold stuff:

Save the date; Sunday May 16th 2010

This is the second year of our Charity ?ride in a supercar? event at Dunsfold Aerodrome (the Home of BBC?s top gear)

We at Petrolhead Nirvana are working alongside Club Scuderia to raise money for The Children?s Trust charity. Which provides care, education, therapy and rehabilitation to children with multiple disabilities, complex health needs and acquired brain injury

The format is simple;

We?ve got 80-100 supercars of various descriptions from Atoms to Zondas giving up their time, fuel and tyres.
The public pay ?20 in exchange for 2 high speed passenger laps of the oval configuration (cant do the figure of 8 as we will have 12 cars out at once which could be interesting at the crossover!) in a standard Ferrari or Lamborghini or up to ?60 for blue riband cars such the Ferrari Enzo.
Add in a number of carefully selected car clubs to display their cars (at a reduced entry rate of ?7 per car instead of ?7 per person)

Further add in more things to do for adults and kids;
Driver training circuit
Helicopter rides
Live bands
A myriad of stands and stalls
Bouncy castles
Fairground rides
Fire engine and Double decker bus rides
Roary the racing car
Static plane displays
Great food.

We?re adding more features to this event all the time.

The entry prices for the event are;
Adults ?7
Children ?3
Family tickets ?15
Standard supercar rides ?20
Blue Ribband rides ?30-?60

As I already mentioned car clubs pay ?7 per car rather than per person
Every penny goes to the charity.

A quick video of some of the highlights from last year

We had around 4,000 people at the event last year and this year we?re aiming for double that

Obviously the more people we get to come along to the event the more fun everyone will have and the more money we can raise for The Children?s Trust. So spreading the word about the event would be very helpful indeed.
All of us at Petrolhead Nirvana are giving our time and efforts for free and my company is also paying for the event liability insurance as well as covering design costs for any media ? so as you can see this is in no way a commercial event.

I?m also in charge of organising the car club static displays and would love to have you along.
I?ll need an idea of numbers a month or so prior to the event and I?m happy to coordinate the group, and organise details unless that is something you would prefer to do yourself?

Officially the list of drivers is closed (as priority went to those who drove with us last year), however I do have a few spaces for anything special and a little leeway on numbers.

If this does sound like it would be of interest it would be great to hear back with any further thoughts and ideas you may have.

There's a seperate link for the discounted club display tickets on the childrens trust website here:

Look forward to seeing you there.

Fiona Easteby
07976 267 871

P.S. I'll be at the next breakfast club too with my Baja, you can't miss him!

I will print out the email and bring along to next club meet for those who do not have computers.
Just noticed.........This is the same day as the Hayling wheelers show. The 'Top Gear' do sounds a bit more interesting though.
Yeah i noticed that plus Southsea Cruise plus my boys are away the weekend as its Dan's stag bash so may have to tag a lift with someone. Not really sure Dad & H will trust me & Mum with Bazza & Jessica somehow!!!
Looks like a runner!, Is this like the Starlight foundation's ? I did a day in 2008 with some mates on our Harley's at Popham airfield giving terminaly ill kids rides on the back of our bikes, a fantastic day out & for a good cause! Talking of which, If the Starlight do is on this year does anyone fancy bringing a car or two to this event? Its a great day out & the kids are fantastic. I'm going to look into it for going myself with the Astro & it would be great if some other Solent Renegades came along, the only thing is that its on a weekday but its worth taking the day off for when you see the smiles!


No wonder the sun was shining!!
That sounds like a fab day too. Let us know the info when you find out hun.
im in trace book me n mrs me in ill be goin to that, its about 5 mins from dereks so not far,