The car I had in Ireland


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Well as most of you you I went to Ireland and they gave me a car.
At the Hertz place they said do I mind a small car. I said no. Thinking it would be a Ford Ka or something. Wel it was a Fiat 500, so I thought thats not so bad. He told me the parking bay, when i got there it was bright yellow. I put the bags in the boot. Thinking I can forget its yellow when I sit inside. Well the whole dash board was bright yellow.
I drove to the factory which is about 50mins away. I knew the route as done it many times in the taxi. I parked it outside work and that was the start of the teasing. After a few more days, more and more people knew it was the one i was driving. One cold morning the car had trouble getting u the hill, screaming in 1st gear, and 2nd gear didn't have enough power to maintain the speed.

So Tom said it could do with some modifications so he added a little air scoop to the bonnet. lol
When a few of them found out what i drove at home, they laughed even more at this little yellow car. Anything about a 3litre is un heard of. Road tax is high it done on every 0.1l increments, so a 2 litre would be around 1000 euros tax, so most of the cars are 1.3ish.
For the first time in my life I am rendered speechless !!! ha ha ha
lovin the air scoop dan
thats not a car it a shopping trroly lol
haha odd wheels
Go faster stipes would have been nice. Glad it didn't have a flower painted ont he back.
I saw one going through the car wash when i dropped of the car. It sounded like a biscuit tin being washed up, very tinney sound to it.
It made me smile everytime I saw the car.
Lets see what i get monday. :) may be the same one.
Have you put in a personal request for the same one?? Hahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahaha!! That is hilarious Dan. I love the car only cos its yellow. In fact its so small it would fit on the shelf with all my other toy cars!!