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What a joke!!! Got up early to get to the supermarket before the crowds and I go out to get in Lenny this morning (ok i haven't driven him for just under 2 weeks) but he started first time (well impressed after all that snow), warmed him up, defrosted him and got ready to set of to think he felt a bit sluggish. Turns out i had a flat tyre. Of course i don't have anything to pump it up with so rang the AA and for over an hour i just get an engaged tone. I tell you i am so glad i am not stuck on the side of the road somewhere late at night. So will have to wait for mum to finish work and bring her foot pumpy thing down and do it myself. Looks like a trip to the tyre place afterwards to sort it out. Grrrrrrrr!!!:frusty:
' You wanna hand mate ! ? then call the AA
He a nice man , a very nice man a very very nice man !

lol, when you can get hold of him ! :biggrin:
Hi Trace, I can't remember if it was you or your Mum who said they had a battery booster pack. If it was you it might be worth checking as some of them have a tyre inflator on there too, would be worth a look.
I heard on the news during the snow the AA had 1000 call ours per hours. Thats quite a few. We had a chap in the car club called Mike, infact text me a few mins ago, he works for the AA.
Yeah i know big Mike Dan. Where was he this morning eh???? I am glad i wasn't stranded somewhere as i gave up in the end and mum brought me her pumpy thing. I do have a yellow booster pack Darren and there is a hole for a cigarette lighter but nothing to go from the pack to the car and it never came with anything either. I think i need to look into this and put it on my xmas list me thinks!!!!
Hi Trace, I bought one of these, when the air pumps in petrol sations all started charging money! Click Here It works really well. Drive safe, And I still have your trphy in the back of Freedom!
Yep thats exactly what i need Chris. Mother look at the link above and see what i need hint hint!!!!
We are hoping to come along to Mudeford this Sunday if not we may do a brekkie run in Feb to Avon Country Park again so perhaps we can meet up then. I feel happier knowing my trophy is safe with you now. Cheers :)
Luckily i wont have to call the AA breakdown anymore. I was forced to pay off my last AA membership with breakdown cover after they quoted a ridiculous figure for my insurance when i changed cars to got my Chrysler Crossfire. Went to Swift for under 300 quid.