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hi guys

i joined the renegades bout a year ago . malc gave me my first cruise and made me want one the caddy has come and gone but friendships have grown .. although there is still many renegades i don't know but i couldn't of met a nicer group of people the support you guys have shown nat and i through abi's arthitis problems and other lil prob's we have has been immence and there is no way we could ever thank you guys enough . i thought i was joining a car club . Solent Renegades is not a car club it's one big family with some cracking motors as a bonus . no i haven't been drinking just not much of a talker really . just wanted to show my appreication for how good you have all been to us . we're havin loads of fun and long may it continue . so from us THANK YOU it means a lot . keep the shiny side up . and lets keep having fun

matt nat abi and jess xxxx
Glad you are enjoying the club. That year has flown past.
*blub* i am all choked up after reading that. Thats what we are all about. A family friendly club where everyone has lots of fun in whatever we are doing. Whether it be a car show, skittles, bowling or just a family day out picnic. Heres to many more fun days together!!
yeh we all talk bollocks and have a good time, renegades are a family so you now have been afficially adopted,

crazy pete
Ah Matt, that is so lovely, your family are lovely, so its not difficult to adopt you at all !!!! Lots of things in the future to enjoy so lets just enjoy them. lots of love to you all xxxx