suppliers of parts for are cars

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Just wondered where do fellow pertolheads get the parts from?

I use local motor factors CPA , CAMBERLEYS, UNIPART in the uk very good and in the USA use rockauto again been very good cjpony parts also been very good what other companys are good for parts or even upgrades
I work a couple of doors away from Camberleys in Chichester, they are fairly good, (and the guy on the counter drives an Astro). Also use a company called PMA again in Chichester that have alot of special deals going on. Not tried either of these for US parts though.
Core PMA not hurd that name in a long time might pay them a visit last time i used them was in horsham about 10-12 years ago.
i have also used usautomotive as well very good.
PMA is in Phoenix business park, off Quarry lane in Chichester 01243 772230
standard service parts are from pro parts. as the bloke also drives a landy. but every thing else comes from paddocks
Jegs. Summit racing. Car builder. Com firebird central. Eklers
Jegs. Summit racing. Car builder. Com firebird central. Eklers
It's taken you 11 years and 9months to reply to the tread. Lol.

Good to revive the thread. I have been thinking of the fuel line for the Camaro. If I were to make one I need the correct ends and tools. if I got someone else to make it in the UK I will still need to know the names for the ends and thread pitch.
I may start with a patch job until I get the car running.