Superb's Yellow 3rd Gen Camero


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Has he still got it, or did he get rid of it because it was drivable :lol:

It looks like a stunning car.
I believe Mark has it now (Summer's dad with the Burgandy one) if i am not mistaken.
Yep, Mark with the 3rd Gen Firebird has it..
Needed a lot of work done to it and it belonged to my Uncle Kev first so it has been in the club for a while. Nice to drive too apart from the racing car seat belts. 2 things kept getting in the way :whistling:
Sorry to disappint you all but the yellow canary is now living in France x
Huh what you talking about? What did Mark do with it?
hi guys , the camaro is indeed in france , it is no longer yellow its a burnt orange and black , it may soon be back in uk with new owner , he lives just round corner from me .
see ya . mark .
Oo i would love to see what they have done with it. Any pics??
Hi Renegades,

I resemble that remark about getting rid of it! cause it was drivable, lol. Mark did indeed purchase it from me,reluctantly a might add,i didnt really want to sell.Part of bumble lives on in Marks car if you check out the interior there are a few bits off the car lurking in there and under the bonnet.

Cheers Supe's All grown ups are pirates!