Spotted an American car.... i think.


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I was traveling down Milton road about 1pm today. and spotted a black car pulling out of Dryden close. It looks long from a distance as it pulled out. It looks fairly new, perhaps 2000 on wards. The rear lights were almost Pontiac like like on the 3rd Gen firebird, all tinted.
The centre badge looked like Dodge from a distance. The overall rear end shape of the car was a bit like a Vauxhall Omega.

I've not seen it around before. Has anyone else seen this in Waterlooville?
Ah yes, I think it was.
Just found one in black. I'm pretty sure that's what it was.
The Trofeo badge looked a bit like the Dodge emblem from a distance.

Does your stepson live local? perhaps he'd be interested in popping along to a club night, or a cruise.
I shall suggest it but he work as a working mans club assistant Bar steward but I shall suggest it as he does shows etc etc