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Hi all!! was just wondering when the Southsea cruises are starting its usually April to October isn't it? Is it same this year???:confused:
Sunday April 18th is the first one.
Thanks Chris!!!

Dan/Steve, how come its not on the site?? Are we trying to get rid of the idiots in their Skylines and Scoobys??!!!!!!
Ok so only 4 more sleeps til the first cruise. Lets hope the weather stays nice for us. :thumbup:
YAY, looking forward to that one. fingers crossed me car passes its MOT today, or i may have to be sneaky on the cruise. I remember those days, the time when I got the car, no SVA test for a while as i had to convert the lights. Was insured on the chassis number, ended up doing 4000 miles in the car with no tax/mot. I'm a good boy now, I wouldn't do things like that.
Well i am very pleased to hear that!!
YAY, Car passed MOT:


Found a smiley driving my car. :glare:
Fantastic we knew it would really didn't we :)
Hmmm is that smiley licenced to drive?? How can he reach the pedals with no legs?? haha!!!
Thats great news Dan!! Just got time to change the exhaust to the loud one before Sunday!!!! lol!!
Surely a yank car should fail MOT if the exhaust is too quiet :D

Looks like I may have to use the steelwool bundle trick for MOT.
What a marvellous 1st cruise of the season. Fantastic turnout of about 50 cars on the cruise and that wasn't all of them as some decided to stay at the car park and chat. The place was buzzing and was so good to see some different cars join us. Of course the weather was on our side for a change and the sun was shining. Even the nice traffic warden came and had a look around and wasn't in the slightest bit bothered that some of us didn't have tickets. After cruise all piled back to the Farmhouse for dinner and a catch up. Looking forward to the next one on SUNDAY 16TH MAY (follows after Victory Wheelers Hayling Reunion)
That was a brilliant first run of the year. What an impressive turnout. Nice weather for it too.
Sorry for waking Jan up on the motorway, I pressed the loud pedal as I went past Jessica to say Hi. opps.
Hi All
What an excellent first Southsea Cruise of the year! :) Fantastic atmosphere and a brilliant turnout with may different cars and plenty of smiling faces watching as we cruised round!

Just wanted to say Big Thanks to Dan for giving Joe and Leanne a ride in the Trans-Am :cool:
And Big Thanks also to Mick and Joy for giving our friends Jean and John a ride in the Impala on their first ever visit to the cruise...they loved it :)

Looking forward to the Victory Wheelers Reunion at Hayling and our next Southsea Cruise after!!

Hi Rob

Your link to the pics isn't working.
Thanks Rob!
Some great pictures of some of the cars there! Your'e damn good with a camera :cool:
Will look forward to seeing your shots of May's cruise :)