Southsea Cruise start 15th April


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The Southsea Cruises will be starting soon, the first one is right after our summer opener show on the 15th April, Gather in the car park from 6pm, and cruise around 7pm - 7.15pm. There is a new route starting this year due to a bus only part of the original route we have a small diversion. During this change a few other things changed taking us around The Hard, we will get many more people seeing the cars this way.
The cruises will be on the 3rd Sunday of the summer months all starting at the same time.

Thanks to Malc for sorting this new route for us.
I have the original leaflet we used for the Southsea cruise on file, which has the map on the back. I'll correct the route to this one and post it on this thread so we can download and print them off to hand out.
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cool lookin forward to the new route
Yeah was getting a tad boring towards the end of last year so will be nice to go a different way for a change.
I'll get the new route drawn up tonight like the last leaflet, I'll post it up on the site too :) I would have done it a lot sooner, but things been a tad hectic.
Cruise map.


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Not long now till the cruise, only a few hours. We have a few traffic lights on the cruise now which could cause us to split Iona bit. If we keep to the route other traffic should filter out of the convoy. Should be a great turn out, especially if some extra people from the show attend.I've git many photos from today so far, so has Sarah. We will both be uploading later.
iv posted some on facebook need to edit more but need some sleep b4 work if you cant see them just send me an invite had a good day good to get out and see you all