Southsea Cruise October - Earlier Time


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Meeting at 4pm, cruising at 5pm.

Have posted the leaflet online so it can be printed ready for September Southsea cruise to make people aware of earlier time next month.
Hi Dan

Superb! i appreciate your efforts on the flyer mate that is spot on, you've done it again! look forward to the cruise its scary to think its the second to last one.Where has this year gone? its been a very busy one.

Cheers Superb! Time goes much slower on my planet, im never late for anything.
Glad the leaflet is okay, its was an old one from years ago, has Keiths Corner on the map.
I'll be at the next cruise, coming back from Ireland tonight. Wont have time to clean the car before the show tommorow. I've got the prize winner from the Fort Nelson show to take out on the cruise.

Over and out from Sunny Ireland.

OK i have emailed to Dell Boy so hopefully he can print out and gove to Dave however i don't think we will be in time for this Sundays cruise
Hi Trace

Dont worry about flyers i have it in hand it was too late to send to Dell boy so i will get some photo copied locally for the cruise this weekend.

Cheers Superb!!