snow white update 2


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Another day a load more done to Snow White,

The new oil cooler for the gearbox is fitted, plumbed and fan is wired up. New seat mounts have been made painted and installed. new seat belt mounts have been welded into the cage on both seats so each point of the harness can be bolted down. all the wiring has been tidied up after all the modifications that have been done to go from race car to street car. A horn has been added which can still be heard with the car running. A dummy run for the MOT was also done in front of the owners
who are both MOT testers(no pressure to get it right then). We also put the car back up on stands and left it running in the workshop in gear for half an hour to see if it gets hot or anything falls off, it got to 200*f and sat faultless in all that time. I know the present temps will help it keep cool but a bloody good start. I should be taking it out for a test drive around the block tomorrow fingers crossed we don't get any snow.