Six things you never knew Dallara did


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Written by Craig Jamieson

Bugatti, Lamborghini and Dallara. Yep, they can all be mentioned in the same breath. OK, the Stradale in episode 3 of TG TV series 27 with Chris Harris at the helm is the first road car to bear a Dallara badge, which isn"t quite the same storied past as the other two can claim. Let"s be honest Dallara"s not a household name. If you"re of a motor-sporty disposition or indeed an American, you"ll likely recognise Dallara"s name (or at least its handiwork) as 36 of its creations fling around the Indianapolis Motor Speedway at supremely puckering speeds. But as road cars? The brand recognition is right up there with Autobianchi or Intermeccanica.But Dallara"s been a part of more amazing road cars than you"d notice at first blush. Remember how we said Lamborghini and Bugatti? Oh yes

Date written: 30 Jun 2019

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