side/tail lights playing up


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Hi everyone, got myself a new truck :) is any one good with vehicle electrics? would like to be able to drive it in the dark & bring it down to the club meet next Tuesday. the headlights are wired separately because the previous owner had problems, when I pull the switch the relay goes mad like a typewriter and the side/tail lights flicker, can anyone help? I've ordered some new bits from the States but won't arrive till end of next week :-( can only drive it at weekends during daylight. thanks Rich
it maybe a bad earth
Yeah could be bad earth, when a relay does that there isn't quite enough voltage to energise the coil. This can be down to low positive voltage or a bad earth so the required current cant pass.
I'll try to pop over at some point before next club night to take a look for ya.
Thanks Mason, cheers Dan, I'm around all day saturday. my mobile is 07840702281, txt me & I'll give you my address.
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