Restore a rolling 30 year-old exemption to VED, for classic vehicles


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Restore a rolling 30 year-old exemption to VED, for classic vehicles

Responsible department: Her Majesty's Treasury

Re-introduce a 30 year rolling vehicle excise duty exemption scheme, for classic vehicles. For too long now the tax exemption of classic cars has been frozen, to only apply to those manufactured before 1973. History did not simply stop in 1972. These are not cars which are driven everyday but rather on sunny weekends, to attend enthusiast shows etc.. It is vitally important that we help to preserve this important part of British motoring history.
Totaly agree but add american cars to:biggrin: this would also help the 2nd hand car market and spares (shops) and might even bring people back into the car clubs.
American cars are included, so long as they're "classics" ;)
Thanks for posting this Mason! :clap: . Absolutely, I couldn't agree more and have just signed it.

I have always thought it ridiculously unfair that enthusiasts have to continue to pay the FULL road tax fee for vehicles which have already paid their dues and have reached the end of their "daily use" lives, only to drive them for a few miles at weekends in the summer... these vehicles also give pleasure to others at the same time remember!

As an axample, I have to pay the same amount of road tax on my 29 year old Firebird as I do for our daily-used Ford galaxy MPV which does 10,000 miles a year! That's just arse! :asshole: !

They either need to introduce a rolling exemption period (which would be best), or at the very least, have a much reduced "classic" VED price bracket maybe. This would at least cover any admin costs (which may be an opposing argument).

As I say, I have just signed this petition, but at the time I did, only 2,258 others had, so this needs BIG publicity and loads more signatures if the government are to listen!
I think they should bring this back.
I wonder if there are and petitions out there we can sign. Just revitalising this thread.
They cud at least extended it to 76 ;-)