Red & Green light for Camaro SS


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As many of you know I have been making scanning lights like knight rider for the Camaro SS. Many colours available. They are remote controlled and some are dual coloured.
This one is a Red & Green light.You can see it fading from Red to Green through Yellow and back again.
Just thought I'd share it with everyone. One of a kind light.
wow lover it dan nice work
I made that video around 11am, and that light is due to arrive in Miami on Friday morning, fingers crossed it makes it in time, he will install it on Saturday for the show on Sunday.
Nice work :thumbup1:

Was gonna ask if you'd managed to get RGBs in, but seen that you're using red + green = orange. Doesn't matter how it's done, it looks awesome!
I did think about using tri coloured LED's but they are very expensive. Also the control electronics would be even more packed that what it is at the moment. I'll show ya the electronics at the next club night.
On this Red&Green light, the LEd's are laid out Red, Green, red, green and so on. The eye tends to blend the colours together. I could add another colour but would fear the blending wouldn't be too good, would need a lend to blend it, but no room for a lens on the Camaro Lights.

I created a new controler for this back in July, its built up, and just needing to finish the firmware for it. Its on my desk here at the moment. When everything is working sweet, it will superceed the old controller. Got loads more functionality, like low voltage detection, over temprature. Many more patterns. Probably more things to go wrong though. Although on the older/current controller things seem very reliable.