Prom night escort


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hey mummyjan would just like to say thanks for you been able to arrange my escort for my prom and would like as many people to come as possible please

many thanks no1showjumper

p.s mention to mummyjan if you would like to help out with the escort that we are arranging x
We would love to help out babe but really not sure yet. Will let you know nearer the time. The simple reason is that my brother gets married the day after (26th) and we are more than likely going to be at the hotel arranging the deccies etc. We'll see what happens anyhow and make sure you have someone there ok.
thanks hun its just i really wanta have enough people so that it is different if ya know what i mean
Oh i sure do babe. There were about 10 cars or so that did Zoe's prom a couple of years ago and it was brilliant.
that sounds well cool i hope that you and h can arrive at my prom would not be the same without you xxxxx
By the way H just said even if i can't come along he will more then happy be there for you so perhaps Dad could in Jessica too so thats a couple. We'll spread the word at the next meeting so remind me ok.