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hi people

after darrens recent nova probs and my battery/alternator probs with cruella . is it worth us us as a club gettin a powerpack . i can get one through work for 18;95 plus vat

any thoughts

Great idea, but how do you make sure the power pack is in the right place at the right time?

Start a new sub-section of the club, the One Lead Section, or OLS

So every member of OLS has ONE jump lead. One takes up less space than two, and provided you are with someone else in the OLS you have no problems! However ... should you find yourself at Motorway services and a flat battery, you could seek out another member of the OLS, or you may have to purchase another set of jump leads. This then offers up the opportunity of recruiting 2 new members of the OLS.

Am I talking complete rubbish here? Or could this lead to global domination? (Sorry very long day with lots of students in the rain and just out to duel on the roads with a few more, I think my marbles have got up and gone)

Renegades and Renebabes, have a great day, and drive safe.
I'm just going to get myself a set, at least then I'm prepared.

I do have a booster pack thing, but my Dad currently has it. It's one of those little ones which must only have a motorbike battery in it, which you plug into the cigarette lighter for 15 minutes, then start your car. Quite handy where it's small, but waiting 15 minutes is a pain :lol:

I have never found those cigarette lighter things much use. The one you quote says it supplies 6Ah. So in 15 minutes it would have put 1.5 amps into battery.
Thats barely enough to turn on a headlight, let alone start a car. Some cars, especially yanks, can draw up to 100 amps or more on start up.

So back to the OLS section then. Or who else is a member of the Douoble OLS? I am as I have one red lead and one black lead!!!!!
well i always got jump leads in black magic and a spare battery i only found out there was a prob wen i came out to go by then it was bein dealt with, but hey yall no next time eh lol
Same as me Petey, always got me jump leads and big power pack in the back of Colin, well a girl can never be too careful, but we went to club in Lenny that night. Sods Law eh, xxxx
Hi Renegades

I have two of the jump packs you have to charge up on the mains and could always carry one in my car and let someone else carry the other one. If you all keep my mobile number in your phones im only a phone call away, after all we Renegades are the fourth emergency service.If you ask some of our longer standing members they will tell you tales of being rescued by Renegades,like when Keith crashed his Cobra on the cruise we Renegades all rallyed round and recovered it home for him. Ask Graham about the time we recovered his daughter Haley's little car when she had her accident in Cowplain, so if any of you get stuck you know who to call.

Cheers Superb! AAAAAAAAAA!!!!
H has a battery pack thingy with flashy lights that mum & dad bought him. Its in the cupboard at home. Perhaps i should get it out and charge it up me thinks. However with 3 cars in our household which car do i put it in!!!???