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Firstly I'd like to welcome back to the team after a long stay of absence, Steve Kenny and his wife Emma also Jim.

After a really good showing from the new set up at The Big Bang. I decided to turn up the Nitrous and play with a few settings. On a very tricky track we ran 9.7 seconds @ 151 mph off the trailer. But blew the tyres away so I turned down the nitrous on the Max Extreme,Softer launch and longer duration 9.5 @ 151. Run 3 no Nitrous off the line and 3 second build time. 9.2 @ 151 I did notice that I was almost on the limiter when I crossed the line.

Sunday I decided to leave the delay off the line but bring the nitrous in faster. OOOPS as you can see from the pick was not what we wanted. I think that the damage was done at Easter. with the tyres breaking free I short shifted into second at the same time the nitrous kicked in. As they say the rest is history. but I had my best ever reaction 0.009.

At the moment I'm looking at my options but I think that I'm looking at a bespoke Transmission such is the torque that were getting from the nitrous.

If you look at the picks you can see the difference between mine and a good set................

I Have my gearbox and this is the spec of it

Hi Ron,

I have pulled the information on that transmission and the part number you have is a PG92351-V80, this transmission is our top-end full out pro-mod powerglide. This transmission comes with:

1.80 Straight Cut Gearset with Vasco Output Shaft
10 Clutch High Gear Drum
0.100" Oversized 300M Input Shaft
Cast Aluminum Deep Pan
Billet Servo Piston and Servo Cover
Roller Bearing Tailhousing
SFI Ultra-Case
Roller Bearing Governor Support
Forward Pattern Pro-Tree Trans-Brake
HD Band Adjustment Bolt
Universal Shifter Arm

Please let me know if you need anything else, thanks.
Looks like you shredded it well. Thats some awesome power you have there.

The 'Cast Aluminum Deep Pan' part sounds a little like a pizza.
Never seen bits like this, but then I'm not too clued up on auto's. i rememver you showing me your torque converter that was made for a standard car, totally destroyed.
The trouble is now that everything is made for it but dosn't bolt straight on. it has to be FINAL FITTED when I get it because there is so many different variables.

Do you want to borry my nitrous controller to see whats in it. Let me know when your ready for a refill.