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OK so you get home from work, park the car, have tea, watch some TV, go to bed and all is fine.

You get up, have breakfast and go to work.

Then you get to the car and a window is missing, well sort of all over the floor, passenger seat, footwell, in fact everywhere. The glove box has been ripped out and the garmin that was inside the glove box has gone.

What a great start to the day! Call the police, "we will get back to you". Call the insurance company "all our staff are busy right now, leave a message and we will return your call". Call windscreen company as per insurance paperwork instructions (sorry Aris) and they ask what the window is (passenger front), is the windscreen damaged (No). They say they will be out between 12 and 2.

Get to work late and a bit windswept, no passenger window, and call the insurance company again, after 9am. they are pretty good and they get things moving. The police a call back with a crime number and say that the fingerprint person will be along.

OK the police lady comes along and finds a mark on the window rubber and some unidentifyble glove marks on the broken bits.

Mr windscreen man comes along ..... Mobile Windscreens and does the introductions and then gets on with the Job. The shop was a little busy today ... so I left him to it. I go and look a little later and he has not only done the side window, but also the windscreen. "Why have you doen the windscreen" I ask. "It was on the job sheet" he says, "dont worry you only pay the same excess!" Now this must be wrong, and I will be letting the insurance company know. Now the door rattles with some broken glass in it.

If anyone gets offered a cheap Garmin Street Pilot C550 please let me know as I would love to meet the person!

It has taken me nearly all day to sort this, ?75 excess on the windscreen, popssibly ?100 excess on the rest of the claim, glove box and Garmin, and if it goes to a garage to be fixed then thats another day out.

Now some little person is out there with a Sat Nav, probably on benefits and getting away with theft. Me, like you, work hard and try to get on. Why do we bother.

Rant over!
Sorry to hear that. Its not only the items that get stolen but the feeling of invasion of your property. My first car was broken into and mothers house, its makes you feel sick what people do.
Chris thats terrible. Its not only the cost of the items but the inconvenience and your time. I had my car broken into many years ago parked in the Fareham Multi Storey. They took an overnight bag and something that meant the world to me....................a brand new box of Milk Tray that was on the back seat. I was not impressed at all!!! :cursing:
Hmmmm .... invasion ........ feel sick ...... and Milk Tray ........ great words that have a lot to do with light fingered illegitimate small minded selfish little chaps. I still feel a bit bitter ..... but at least I'm smiling now! Thansk for the notes ... its great to know there are friends out there.

Drive safe.
:)Chris, its good to have friends cause god knows theres enough people trying to drag u down through no fault of yours, but at least u are smiling a bit now, and the renegades are here to do exactly that, and as for Traceys Milk Tray, well they should be strung up, the thieving gits. A sat nav is bad but to pinch a girls chocolate is unforgivable. Chin up and keep on smiling xx,
Thanks Mum. I am sort of getting over it now but it has generally scarred me for life. The fact is as soon as i see chocolate now i have to scoff it in one in case someone steals that too. I just can't help it :001_07:
:chef:Noooo tracey, I just made a chocolate cake for after tea, lol xxxx
Hi Chris sorry too hear about your bad experience mate,feel free to have a rant,you are amongst friends here mate.

Cheers Superb!