Nos refill

Have a word with 'Insane Ron' I'm sure he will know.
Yep, Ron is the chap, his workshop is around Furzley Corner (near Denmead).
It seems everyone is getting these blue bottles (or silver) I havn't fitted mine yet. Looking forward to it.
Hello guys yes I fill nitrous. I do it to regulars at a discounted rate which is by all accounts a lot cheaper than the guys at Regal or Real Steel. my number is 07710403378. Dan could you make this a sticky.
Hi Renegades

Ron is your man so if you need a refill of your NOS then go and pay him a visit.

Cheers Superb!
all i need to do is get one for blackmagic ready for next years rubber shredding lol, thats if i get the 460 in by then lol
Oh no Pete You, Black Magic & Nos is NOT a good combination!!!!!
Haha, there'd be no tyres left :D