New Years Eve Party


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New Years Eve Party

New Years at my house is a great event, just turn up and oin the party!!! Last year we had about 50 people, lets see if we can double it!!!! Only a few rules........

1) You break it you pay for it!
2) Bring some kind of drink with you but expect to share it!!!
3) You throw it up, you clean it up!

And the most important one........

4) Come along, let your hair down and have a bloody good time!!!

Pete has confirmed we have Karaoke Gear!!!

Address:- 32 Kingsland Close

Contact:- Alan 07895 671611

RSVP so i know rough numbers for catering!!!
Yay i love a party i do so i reckon we will be there for sure.
can i come please
Yes mate you'd better come its either mine or billys!!!!
oooooh, great, another party to think about. Party on!:rockon:
Peter i told Sue today and she knew nothing so as your personal PA i have now updated her :)
Hi a party great wish i could let my hair down i used wash & go & it went
Ok guys and gals so far confirmed are...Pete & Sue, Delboy, Sal and KT, Matt and Nat...anyone else coming????!!!!!
Well still only a few confirmed, so all I'll say is if you wanna turn up please do but wear a renegades jacket if we've never met before so i know who you are!!!! Dont wanna let complete strangers in lol!!!