New Year


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Steve and I would like to wish all renegades a very happy new year. Lets hope 2011 brings lots of lovely warm weather so we can get out in our cars and play.Would also like to thank everyone for their support over the past couple of months. The next month or so is going to be hard for our family but we know we will get through it with such a lovely bunch of friends. Take care, be safe xx:thumbup::hug:
hope u guys have gr8 new year and we'll always be here for support through the next and comin years . xxx
Ah thankyou, and Summer I love my calender, thankyou so much xxxxx
Not long now till the new year. only a couple of hours left.

Happy new year to ya all.
Hopey we all have a good won wiv lotts of goood stuff and everyfing. Currenntly bopping to 'Dr Feelgood' - Live in London. Me mate Jim is encouriging me too have a nuffer sip.......musicstopppped back in a byte........back nowe got the Blues Bruvvers own........Cool.

Happy new year to the RENEGADES.
Happy new year to all
Yehhhhhhhhhhhh Renegades Happy New Year to you all !!
May 2011 be soooooooo much better than 2010 ! :)