Minutes from club meet Tues 24th Nov 09.


Hi Renegades,

Was another Superb! turnout from Renegades on Tues club meeting, the club has a really nice and enthusiastic atmosphere which was confirmed by all present.

Renegades welcomed back two members we havent seen for a while, Richard (moggy pickup) and Andy (herbie beetle) was nice to see you.

Forum has now been fixed, well done Dan good job.

Ace cafe run on Sat 28th was confirmed, meet at Morrisons Horndean to leave for 2pm,and Renegades Christmas meal confirmed for the 19th Dec at The Farmouse 7.30 for 8pm.We will be collecting the last of the monies next club nite 8th Dec.So if you havent booked hurry up and let me or Tracey know as we only have 26 places left.

Renegades events confirmed for 2010 ,5th April Easter bank holiday Mon Renegades season opener at The Farmhouse 1pm til 6pm.Renegades Summer show Sun 22nd August Fort Nelson 10am til 4pm, Renegades Southsea Cruise starts April 18th 2010 til Sun 17th Oct 2010.Renegades season ending drive in The Farmhouse Sat 25th Sept 2010.

Renegades show flyers it was noted a couple of changes needed to the text to make bolder,this was passed onto Dan to look at.It was confirmed by members to go ahead and order 5000 flyers ASAP.

Birthdays: Steve Chivers 1st Dec, we all sang Happy Birthday.

Renegade membership certificates are now available,Consul Dave has offered to print a load for us,let me know if you want one.

Renegades CD, we still require your song choices for Renegades Anthems 2, Renegades Anthems 1 still available we will have copies soon.

Renegades newsletter now available to download,any feedback or criticism welcome.

Pauls Place for all your American spare parts,engine rebuilds,servicing and Sat coffee mornings, welcomes all Renegades and there friends.

CB radios still for sale at Pauls Place, see Paul for details.

Renegades Merchandise for Christmas, grab a pressie for your loved one,see Paul and Sue or Tracey for details, also window stickers still available,see Tracey.

Thank you continued support and enthusiasm.

Tally Ho Chocks Away! Superb!
window stickers window stickers sweet il have too get some for me and mum
Come and see me Mason and i can sort you out with Window stickers. What size colour do you want?
what size are there;) i wont a big one for the back window in white
Ok will see what i can do for you.

I got white, Oh, just found some white ones too! Do you want any other colours? I maybe need to cut a minimum of three per colour to make it economical with the vinyl. Can do FORD, Chevrolet too, gimmy a clue?
(has H got the fur back on yet??)
Yeah, H what fur? you got us all guessing now, come on spill the beans.

Cheers Superb!
Haha my husband decided to surprise me last week by shaving off all his facial hair. He looked about 12 and i hated it. However as he is a hairy turk it has now grown back so i am sorry you missed it all!!!