Many events coming up


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Just had a look down at the events, towards the main page of the forum.
6 events :wacko:. I think its the most we have had shown in one go, and its only the next 2 weeks.

  1. Renegades Club Night: 17-08-2010
  2. Renegades Summer Car Show: 22-08-2010
  3. The American Dream, Poole Quay: 27-08-2010
  4. NASC Street Rod Natioanls: 27-08-2010 to 30-08-2010
  5. Henstridge Vintage Fly-In and Classic Car Show: 28-08-2010
  6. Hampshire Pageant of Motoring: 29-08-2010 to 30-08-2010

Gave the top part of my car a wax yesterday afternoon, just need to do the rest of it, and polish the chrome bits (exhaust) ready for our summer show.
I believe the Hampshire Pageant of Motoring has been cancelled due to insurances so forget that one.

I have got my yellow Mustang decals and lights on Lenny now and really happy with how he looks. I even got told he looked sexy at the cruise last night. Mind you it was a bunch of kids on the side of the road and i did have Jack in the car so it may have been for him and not me hehe!!!! Still waiting for bumper inserts and neons for the vents. Still umming & aahhing about racing stripes. Hmm not sure about those!!
Racing strips do may the car go faster, I can vouch for that one.

I saw your yellow light, looks fab. I must make one for my car at some point.
Me Mum & Sue are all bringing our cars tomorrow night and will try and park together so you can see us in action. We look pretty good together. We did it a couple of weeks ago. Apart from looking like traffic lights of course it keeps us happy!!!
Pete is getting a Blue one for his day van when he has the front end fixed. Then i much get one for mine, and get Phil to come along with out Camaro and all park in a line. Should be hypnotic.
Just got 2 texts from Pete an hour apart. One before he fixed the damaged spoiler and one after. Normal play can now resume as all nice and shiny new again. He is so desperate to get it MOT and ready for the Nationals on top of everything else he is doing.
Okay, that will be my target then to get his lights ready for the nationals, we can install them up there.
Of course we got 3-4 days of playing cars and getting drunk haha!!
I may even have some lights for tomorrow night too, my controller arrived today.
Jeez we are gonna be like Blackpool Illuminations at this rate hehe!!! Love it x
you car will look so evil if you had the car in mate black witha red neon in there :)
Hi Renegades

Ive seen the light,now im on a mission from god!!! to spread the word about Squirrels in Lycra.
Sorry couldnt resist it,the squirrel thing got the better of me.On a serious note i am lovin all the lights looks Superb!!

Cant wait to see the Renebabes parked up together with there lights on getting it on!

On a mission from god!! Over and out, Supe's
Darren you just had to go that step further didn't you with multi coloured lights. I must say though they look fantastic and can't wait to see at night. Are you coming along tonight?
HeeHee Heee Yeeha! What do you mean looking like Blackpoole Illuminations, we are Blackpool Illuminations!


Freedom looks lovely when all lit up, and the inside is lovely too, xx
Mum should know exactly what Chris' van inside looks like. Don't you mum ;)
Freedom is off the road i think at the moment as someone ran in the back and did some damage and thanks to the lovely insurance people there has been a delay. Is that still the case Chris?