M O T and the transit van

landy bob

Not been around much of late so i thought a little update was in order.
the bike is well and thankfully has stopped eating ignition parts. It even passed an mot! just not sure how.
the landy is resting at the moment. some wiring misbehaved and theres to much to do else ware
the transit however, mmmmmmm!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Let us just say F&%$ it!! and B?ll&%$s
thought it would be a good idea to mot it, mainly because the old one had ran out. surprise surprise it passed on the brakes steering suspension etc.. in fact all was roses till the mot bloke took a look at the underside. there's a hole he said,over the next 10 mins he said this alot. bugger i said. I said this a hell of a lot. I said it all the way home. The language got worse when the screwdriver I was using to (test) the fe02 coating on the chassis disappeared without trace . More language followed. The now not so wonderful van also performed the same magic trick on a brand new est wing claw hammer. Time for the trusty old grinder! That will do the trick, or will it, no it didn't but the fire work show was amazing. 240 volt 33000 rpm hand held fire works great fun but a little dangerous.
?76 lighter and a sparkly new grinder later the floor pan, 6 foot of chassis, 2 spring hangers, 2 cross members, and the rear inner sill. were now no more. Now for the fun bit stitch the mess back together with some new metal. Dust off the welder time, more swearing, no gas or wire. and no bleeding van to get any replacements. hello lovely motorbike can you get me to mig tig and arc? No worries. Can you get me home with a full bottle of gas and a roll of wire? Only just but never again.
well that was 6 weeks ago and I am still welding and swearing, any one want a van with air conditioning in the back?:faint: