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I would like to welcome a new member to our family. Lenny my 1994 black Mustang.

My wonderful hubby bought him for me and some of you may have already seen him (Lenny not the hubby hehe!!) I am going to funky him up a bit with some yellow graphics and some Knight Rider lights (which i am hoping my Daddy is going to fit on Sunday). I am toying with the idea of racing stripes but i think it may be a bit too much and end up looking like a bumble bee!!!

When we purchased him a month ago he had a horrible shudder and some bad vibration so thanks to H and Pete we (when i say we i mean i sat in the lounge watching tele while they did it!!) changed 12 litres of transmission oil and added a shudderfix additive. This seems to have resolved the issue as he drives like a dream now. There was one other issue and that was the fact i could not reach the pedals. Being of a short legged variety it was extremely uncomfortable to drive so yet again my knights in shining armour, ok dirty overalls, managed to crank the seat lower and i can now reach the pedals. Just have a job to see over the steering wheel now!! :glare: How many adults do you see having to use a booster cushion?? :glare:
Lenny looked like a great car when he came out to play on Tuesday. I hope one day soon Lenny and Bazza will get to play together :)
Where do you get these names from? lol.
Jessica, Colin, Bazza and now Lenny....
Cars take on a personality Dan, Jessica from Jessica Rabbit i.e. red dress and curves, Bazza cause the guy that owned him previously and was reluctant to sell him was Barry, Lenny cause the reg is LNE and also my Dads name and Colin, why not !!! Pauls is Marigold for obvious reasons i.e. bright orange, and yours is Dahlia cause its red and looks really nice lol hope this explains it to you . Every car should have a name, every one of mine has. Oh and Polly our day van cause every one says to me Put the kettle on !!!:rolleyes2:
ahh, i understand now, so there is a local reason behind all of them.

Even my Rover has a name - Rodney !!!
Even my Rover has a name - Rodney !!!
okay where does the Rodney name come from. I'm thinking Dell boy, but that was a 3 wheeler.
You got it but only cos H keeps saying 'This time next year Rodney we'll be Millionaires'. He's said that for the last 3 years and still nothing!!! The fact is the car only cost us 200 pounds over 2 years ago and still going.
You got it but only cos H keeps saying 'This time next year Rodney we'll be Millionaires'. He's said that for the last 3 years and still nothing!!! The fact is the car only cost us 200 pounds over 2 years ago and still going.
Thats lucky for a rover to last so long, ?200 that's a bargain.

So what should mine be called? do you agree with Dahlia? (cant even say the word) ior is there something more appropriate? perhaps we should have a naming ceremony? without the champagne on rope smashing into it of course.
I'm lucky! My car already came with a name, so I didn't have to worry about thinking one up........
It's Firebird! lol :p

I think it must be a girl thing :)

Dan...for God's sake...don't do it ! lol ;)
its a lovey car
Names are cool, my van is called Freedom ... as that it what it gives us.
My friend says he feels like he is being "raped by an ape" when he is in my car, but I cant call my car that. He is referring to the car pulling away, nothing else I might add!! just wanted to get in there before anyone else does.
Hi Renegades

I have been following this naming of your cars with interest i find it quite facinating the inventivness of the different names and the reasons behind it.Try saying that word after a few Pepsi Maxes!! So begs the question why hasnt mine got a name apart from Rustang!! Harsh but fair! Lol.

From Planet Superb! Where only the squirrels where lycra! Sorry about the squirrel thing too much Pepsi, Woops!!!
He's backkkkk haha!!

Whats the number plate and i'll make a name up for you. Mine is Lenny cos its LNE

See you soon xx
Think we should call the mustang Flicka, cause a bit of work and a flick a paint and he will be rearing to go.(flicka was a chestnut mustang, of the horsey variety, in a really good film !!)
Do you have a better name for mine? or is that red flower going to be the name? cant really go for the number plate letters to help choose. :O(
Well young Daniel after much conversing with my daughter we have decided to call your car The Bat !! (I personally like Dahlia ) reason for the Bat are - It goes like a bat out of hell and its a Trans Am which is from Trans am vania, so I hereby decree that your lovely red car is now to be known as The Bat !!! Hope you approve tuf if you dont ha ha !!:taz::TransAM:
Yep, I'll go with that.
My auntie has always called it the Bat-Mobile.
I'll change it in my signature.