Junes Cruise Video


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Hi Guys!!!! Well what a bloody superb cruise today by far the biggest one yet i guess!!! well the video is bloody long speaking of which its being uploaded as i type so will post on here soon! Thanks for a good show guys and gals!!!

It was a good one, very long convoy of cars. Superb to see, and even better to be a part of it.

Thanks for doing the video, I see its been 9 hours since you posted, is it still uploading? I dind't make so much noise this yet, as I had my speed and sound control sitting next to me. I'm sure she can make more noise than the car. lol. mind you that could be good to video, I may try that on the next cruise
This video must be huge with a 9 hour upload :lol:

I'm looking forward to see it, I was running late but managed to tag along on the end. I saw and heard you pull out from the infamous corner in old Portsmouth Dan. Gotta say, It sounds amazing with all those V8's burbling away down those little echoey streets.
Its taking an age, sorry guys youtube has failed on me three times so far, i might have to compress it if it don't go this time currently sitting at 292 mins left!!!!!
Found the problem....new pc put's itself to sleep after 15mins of no activity and so cuts the internet connection!!! doh!
as i type still says 250 mins but its 1.40 gig which is close to youtubes limit!
Right had enough of this gonna save it in a different format as avi format takes too bloody long gonna mpeg4 instead!
Well it was nice to see your car there even if we didn't get to see you Darren. Yet again a fantastic job Alan and i love the swirly editing!!! Thanks.