July's Cruise Video


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Bloody good turn out guys and gals well done it makes ya proud to be a renegade!!!!!![video=youtube;ppi9cGkOe3Y]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ppi9cGkOe3Y[/video]
Thought I had a bit more smoke this time :D still, need more power :lol:

My missus will love this video because of the music.
good vid and music
gr8 vid al well done good job utting out boy racers and mondeo man
Thanks guys, take it you meant Cutting matt!!!! And Darren any news on a renegades song????
Hi Renegades

Superb! turnout for the cruise, sorry i couldnt make it , awesome video of you guys it makes me so proud when i see a good turnout like that and every one enjoying themselves.Thats what the Renegades do best best driving our cars and havin fun!!

Well done Renegades and Renebabes!

Cheers Superb!

P.S No more Squirrels in lycra!
Nice video, just got back from my hols, the cruise looked great, wish I hadn't missed it :O(
We sure did miss you Dan!!! Hopefully we'll see you tuesday too!
We sure did miss you Dan!!! Hopefully we'll see you tuesday too!

I may be working in Ireland Tuesday through to Friday, this will be arrange tommorow so I will know more then. Hopefully I dont miss club night, I'll see if I can go Wednesday to Friday instead, that will give me Club night Tuesday.
Hopefully you can sort it Dan we missed you last club night!
Just phoned the chap in Ireland to ask about moving my flight from Tuesday to Wednesday. He will see what he can do. I gave him a truthful reason for this, is that its 'Car Club night and I need to drop off some bottle lids', hopefully it doesn't sound like a lame excuse to put at risk a huge contract, I'll just have to work harder than usual over there. I can do some work on the plane.

I don't want to miss club night two times in a row. Hows the milk bottle lid collection going?
I have collected ----- 4 ------ I don't drink milk only H does so going a bit slow in our house hold. However Superb has managed to get a couple of Premier Inns to start saving them and he is bringing them in by the sack load as is Matt. Sue is still trying to get more information for us.
Blimey, sacks from Premier Inns, that's superb. There will be enough for a fleet of wheel chairs. Every little helps.