jessica the lady in red


steve c

this is the 2nd lady in my life not a patch on the 1st one
1st one cooks and looks after me
2nd one dont answer back
now i'm looking behind me



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lol nice car
Be afraid , be very afraid and best sleep with your eyes open ha ha !! xx
Wasn't there a recent event where a guy strangled his wife in bed, and said he was in his sleep. He didn't get done for murder.
I expect Jan is gonna check Steve life insurance.....
already done it, enough to buy me a shelby, new camaro and a very large mansion with huge garage to put all my new cars in oh and a new carpet for the lounge lol xx
Alright, here goes !!!

...Steve. Do you know why NASA never sent a woman to the Moon?... It don't need cleaning !! haaaa :)

As suicidal as it may be... I am going to club night !! ...gulp !!
Oh Will, that is fighting talk, cmon Renebabes are we going to let them get away with it, think I will call a renebabe meeting !!! so beware Will you are on top of the list ha ha see you tonight xx:p
does this mean you want a renebabe only area to plot your devious plans
I like the way you are thinking Dan, you wont be on our hit list , well not near the top any way !!!:p:cool: