Hindhead Tunnel Run


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Hindhead Tunnel Run - 21st August 2011

The Hindhead Tunnel which will take the A3 under the Devil's Punchbowl is due to open this summer, and I was thinking, what better way to celebrate the opening of the tunnel than a mass tunnel run.

The ultimate aim would be to get a group of like-minded people together; namely people who have petrol pulsing through their veins and drive a nice loud car, preferably with 6 or more cylinders. This procession of horsepower would make it's way to the tunnel and proceed to christen the longest tunneled road in the UK with the sound of 5000 cylinders.

At the moment there is no official opening date, so I have set-up a Facebook group for people to join and show their interest in taking part. That way as soon as the date is announced I can invite everyone to take part and hopefully get some press coverage, maybe more.

Link to the Facebook Group

If people could spread the word of this to people who might be interested and other car clubs that may want to take part it would be most appreciated as the more people that take part, the more fun this day will be. I understand that not everyone uses Facebook or the internet so I have set up a web page at http://www.hindhead-tunnel-run.co.cc/ for the non-Facebookers, and if other methods could be used to invite the non-webbers and keep them informed, that would be great too.

Let's make this a great, fun day out!
This sounds like a great idea Darren. We would however have to make sure its all legit and that authoritys are aware that we are thinking of doing it.
Sounds interesting. i was going to have a blat though there when it opens, so may aswell do it as a convoy. It will certainly give the tunnel a vibration test with the rumble of all the V8's (and V6's)
sounds good not sure caddy is loud enuff
This sounds like a great idea Darren. We would however have to make sure its all legit and that authoritys are aware that we are thinking of doing it.

legal ways, any gathering of more than 3 people, cars or others can be described as an unlawful gathering! So when you have some idea of numbers, just ask the authorities concerned if they would like some additional publicity. But do take care. If anything goes wrong, and it can be proved that you started the original ball rolling, it could be your doorstep thay come knocking upon.

Thats that bit out of the way ..... Great idea, Love the sound of it (hopefully it will be loud!), and I think lots of people will look ofrward to it.
I agreee with the other Chris, you have to be careful arranging tunnel runs. Some oif the Mustang crowd do the Hatfield tunnel some times but you need to be careful on your communications - Word of mouth is the best bet. Be carefull out there!!
AWESOME idea Darren !! :thumbup:
Not sure I would want to cruise too close behind Dan in a tunnel though LOL :scared:
AWESOME idea Darren !! :thumbup:
Not sure I would want to cruise too close behind Dan in a tunnel though LOL :scared:
lol, or to the side, my back wheels may want to overtake the front like it did on the M271 on the 1st Jan. Oil on a wert road, not a great combination. Car still in one peice though.
I'll certainly be up for the tunnel run if the authorities dont mind us all testing out the tunnel.
LOL, yeah, I read that previous post on your little "moment" Dan. No harm done though. I am sure many of us have had them at one time or another (I know I have :whistling: ).
But with that much power and the fact that you still have all of the corners on your car, it's a pretty good indication that you know what your'e doing :cool2:

Actually, I was on that very road last weekend...a concrete motorway, probably with a bit of diesel on it from all of the trucks on the way to the docks...not a good combination!

I have always fancied going on a tunnel run, I think it would be brilliant! I can't see there being a legal problem to honest, as it will basically be a bunch a cars driving along together, all with their own insurance (one would hope!), provided that everyone is sensible and as Chris says, keeping publicity to a minimum.
Any news Darren...They had they're walk through thing today...Although apparently it cost ?5 a ticket In advance for people to do it
I'm hoping my car will be ready by then.
So I have at least 6 week then. Should be ready by then, mind you its taken since beginning of Feb so far.
Heard on the news today, Hindhead southbound is opening today, the northbound opening in 2 days.
Yeah, the southbound tunnel opened today and there were tailbacks all the way through it from what I've heard. I think I'll look at our events calendar and try to pick a free Sunday and try and arrange something for then.

Just a warning for people going through the tunnel, there are average speed cameras all along it. However, I'm sure they won't stop us making a nice noise ;)
Sorry I have not been about guys and have missed quite a few club nights and the last cruise. Have just been soooo damn busy with one thing and another! Will be trying to get back into it though :smile:

Apparently, the Northbound side is still closed and the Southbound side had a lane closed. But yeah, I also heard that it should be fully open by the weekend.

I am definately up for this one boys! I have been looking into temporarily replacing the back box of the Grand Prix with a straight pipe! :nono:
It's only a V6 but still ought to sound pretty good! lol