Help wedding car needed

Crazy Pete

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hi people any one know of a 50s car pref blue but any colour may do now, as pontiac got so far behind cant use that now,
i asked some one but now been let down its for 15th may like very soon, i will pay petrol etc ya can email me or mob 07798930154 cheers all
pete black magic:001_07:
How about Alan (Plymouth Fury) with his Blue 60's Mustang. around 10 years younger than you wanted though.
Only one I can think of is Darren with the blue and white 57 Belair. Don't think he gets on here but Mick with the 69 Mach One lives around the corner from him.
Sending you a private mesage soon.....
thanks but darren car off road at mo, doesnt have to be blue now just and old style american car now as gettin desprate as its my other halfs nephews wedding in crawley,
Bob - Chrysler new yorker
Alan - Fury (Christine)
tried them to thats a no go, al dont want to take in case it rains, bob busy looking slim eh lol but thanks for ya help chris,
I'm free saturday, wrong colour, but you have email.

thats an awsome car if you had been a couple of hours erlier we woulda had it got one today but a big thanks to all who helped and offered will remember for another time, thanks guys
That car would have been perfect. Definately remember this one for the future for sure. Hey Pete your piccy comes up now :)