Club Photographer
Hi everyone!!

For some of you that don't know me I'm Sarah and a new-ish owner of a 1991 3rd gen V6 Camaro.

Near future plans would be a new paint job, she was white but had a pretty poor red blow over, so I'm thinking Candy Apple Red :D I think a V8 would have to be on the cards for sure. But not until next year sometime.

So see some of you guys Tuesday night no doubt!
Hiya, yeah it probably is. I live in Gosport and work in Fareham :)

Hellooooo, See you Tuesday, I will be the one in the well lit Black Dayvan!! :lol:
Hi and Welcome you have a lovey car there Candy Apple Red mmmm
Hiya!! Hopefully it won't be too long before I have the new paint job. Fingers crossed it'll be end of April ish whilst I'm in Mexico for a few weeks :) She's going to look great!!