Goodwood Breakfast Club - May


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The month of May at Goodwood is 'Super Car Sunday? last year I was lucky enough to get the Trans-Am on the start/finish line. So they do class some American cars as super cars.
I will be picking up Matt on the way. Is anyone else going to this one? if so we could arrange a meeting at the A27 services like last month.
I'll be going, but just for a look around. So will see you there.
Just got back from Goodwood, uploaded photos to :- TransAmDan's Album: Goodwood Breakfast Club May 2012
It was a tad wet and cold. Unbelievable traffic. I usually get there for just gone 8am. It took over an hour with queues of traffic. I think the public car park was a no go area, so the public had to park somewhere, and that was in the Goodwood show itself. Great turn out of performance cars.
I got to drive a very nice little Fiesta (hint hint) round the track!! Video on Facebook, may put on here later.
was quite a good morning . even through the tunnel under the circuit ay mr potter . sounded awesome well done mate