FREE: Air Con Pump & Radiator for 4th Gen Camaro/firebird

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Just doing some clearing out. I took the air con off the car over 2 years ago. It was all fully working when removed.
The only part that isn't included is the matrix behind the dash, as removing that would removed the heaters and I may need them.

Free to a good home.
Hi Dan, couold you hang on to these for me. I am hoping that with a bit of work they shoould get onto the Chevy Van, aas my pump is making a bit of noise. Thanks. C
Yep, will do. Its probably the same pump that will bolt onto your existing bracket. You can have the bracket for this one. I'm sure you will get it to fit. It was all in working order before it was removed.
Thanks Dan. Are you going to Wheels DAy? If so could you take it with you, and we can meet there? If not, could you get it to one of the other Renegades who is going, and I will meet up with them there. Speak soon and thanks.
Yeah I should be there. I'll bring the bits with me.
Still waiting for parts for the rear axel, so the car hasn't been anywhere now for 4 weeks. It was my daily run about, untill I heard funny noises from the rear end. I should have the parts installed by Wheels day is they ever arrive.
You just have to be careful with those funny noises under your end ..... my wife complains about them all the time! Look forward to a Vanners coffee at wheels day then. C
Well still not got the T/A on the road. I should be at wheels day by hitching a lift. Sadly I wont be able to bring the air-con Chris. Perhaps we could arrange for you to pick it up sometime, its in Waterlooville.
I think we are coming today to pick it up from you as we will be seeing Chris on Monday at Andover
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