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As some of you may how noticed there was some forum problems earlier today. Problem sorted by 10:30am 19th May 2010

The server farm where the website is runs from had some problems with one of the servers, on this server is the SQL database for this forum and emails. The email server still has issues, but the database is now working letting the forum work.
Further issues happened which is why we lost the forum again fro 13:00 till 21:55. Bascially the forum was there, but couldn#t find the database even though it was on the server next door, looking our on thw world wide web, but there was no link to point ot he true destination. The DNS had failed, this basically let users/websites know where things are. The DNS is still not correct, but the string has been modified so it know where it is.

Hopefully this will carry on working now!
sweet back on :cool: