fort nelson show


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hi to all i have spoken to dan through email and he was not sure if my car would be allowed in to your show but he did say that a subura got in last year and i would really love to bring my car along to enhance your display.
my car is a 1989 vauxhall cavalier which is completly modified but all thought it is modified is its old
would anybody let me know if it would be ok to bring my car to your show in aug at fort nelson please
Any chance of putting up some pics of the car, may be easier for people to decide then?
Yeah thats a good idea Darren as we can then see what you have. It is really am American car show but lets see the car and then decide. However we do have a drag racing stand this year and we never really turn anyone away so i can't see it being a problem.
Hi Renegades

We will be having a show update at the next club meeting Tues 3rd August and one of the topics of conversation will be what i class as alternative cars.So watch this space we may anmd im not promising anything be able to cater for those of you who have alternative modded cars.

Cheers Superb!