Fort Nelson Show - 2011


Club co ordinator
Hi Everyone,

Due to unforeseen circumstances, we unfortunately we will not be able to have our Summer Show this year at Fort Nelson.

I visited them last week with Mum and have been told that their renovations are taking longer than they expected and will not be finished in time for August. They are planning to be finished by Christmas at the earliest should we agree to go ahead with the show next year.

The good news is that they are extremely keen for us to have the show again there next year and we can make it bigger and better. Perhaps we can start the planning process once this season is finished.

Bob & Carla at the Fort wanted me to pass on their apologies but felt it necessary to give it a miss this year.
No to worry, As you say we have more time to prepare for next year, and we still have the Season opener coming. :)
and don't forget the season end one too in September.
and the day out in arundel :)

Roll on Renegades Summer Show 2012, let's make it the best car show in Hampshire!

... Gives the band more chance to practice too :lol:
That's a shame, but great news that they are keen to have us back up there in the future! I think it's a super venue.

If we have written off trying to replace the show with anything for 2011, fair enough. But if not, what about Fort Purbrook?
It's about a 10 minute drive along the top of Portsdown Hill to the opposite end. They have a big display area and already hold other car events there I think.
Just a thought :smile:

To be honest with you Will its a bit late in the day to be organising anything as we should have had it all done so we can advertise it from Wheels Day on. Plus everyone knows we are at Fort Nelson and if we change it, it could get a little confusing.

As Darren said we can make the ones we have better. I am ringing Alex today to confirm the final details for 17th April and will email Arundel Castle next week to finalise all that.

Guess what Darren?? Pete & H had a jamming sesion last weekend and i was surprised at how good they were. Who knows we may have a band for next year after all!!
Hi Trace
Yeah, agreed and fair comment. Thanks for all your hard work in organising all this stuff by the way. Looking forward to some great days :rockon::rockon:
Just a thought.....Has anyone placed adds in any of the car mags yet? If so, it may be an idea to cancel them.
No we didn't put any ads in as it wasn't confirmed. Thankfully we thought of that.
You boys need to get together then and start jamming!!