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Thats terrible....Why would people do that? a V8 !!....Thats different? beat the sound you dont normally hear (as it comes out the back) reverbrating back from the walls.
HUH! That's what I thought tunnels were for! Although someone told me that they are also handy for
getting from one place to another :laugh:

Seriously though, we all cruised through well below the speed limit. But this proves there will always be the
few idiots who spoil it for everyone else!
In all honesty, it's just bad journalism, they must have been having a bad day with little actual news.
1) The Ferrari in the video doesn't get over the speed limit, he's just doing what we all did. Based on the length of the video and tunnel, he's averaging 58mph, less the further into the tunnel the video started recording.
2) The roundabout they're talking about which is being drifted around is on the old A3 so would not be used by cars going through the tunnel at all
3) How many locals would actually stop and talk to the "hooligans" when the road passes under their town, not through it, and the cars are supposed to be doing 200mph?
4) If cars are doing 200mph through the tunnels and going for best lap times, why have no tickets been issued by the average speed cameras. Surely if they were good journalists they would have gotten a figure from the police and reported how there were x speeding tickets given in the first 4 weeks, they haven't because a) there haven't been any or b) there have been no more than any other stretch of road with average speed cameras, so the figure would go against their story.

Someone needs to let them hack phones again if this is all they can come up with, garbage with no facts whatsoever.

It's just a ridiculous article from start to finish.
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If they had checked the vid time on the BRAKE NECK SPEED OF THE FERRARI he is already in the tunnell at the start of the vid but still take's 1.02 mins.
typical newspapers jump in with they left foot 1st before asking question/finding out the facts. i only new about the artical from lady in supermarket said to about as she knows i have a american car and said about the 200mile speeds well how many cars can do that speed and the amount of road that you would need. so even with her reading the artical has got the wrong impression of what us true car lovers get up. That'S why i thought i would post the news artical for eveyone.
Beat me to it Dan. It's all a load of rubbish, I've told them that too ;) I found the video of the Ferrari that they had at the top of the article captioned "RACING A still from the video uploaded to the internet of the Ferrari going through the tunnel", they're averaging 56.8 mph.

Its no different to what people do in other tunnels. There is actually a get together around the M25 of cars doing tunnel runs. Cant find the website at the mo. Its been going for years.