Farmhouse Refurbishment January 2013


Club Photographer
Last night I was talking with Alex who informed me than on January 7th 2013 the pub side of the Farmhouse will be closed for five weeks due to refurbishment. He did say that if we still wanted to hold our club nights there we can use ‘The Lounge’ as food is still available there and also another bar area.

I have been told that this area is larger than what is normally reserved for us and it is also extremely quiet. This made my ears perk up about people’s views on club night changes. It was said last night that if we do have the club nights in The Lounge whilst the refurbishment is taking place, and it ends up being less busy, quieter so we can talk without shouting and no little children running around everywhere maybe it could be discussed about staying there? There is a car park around the back so our cars/bikes will be in view and the car park is not as busy either.

Thought I would throw that idea out there and see if that would help things? Either way, the club nights on January 8th, 22nd and February 5th will not be held in our normal reserved area until it is reopened but we can use The Lounge for that time.
Sounds good to me :)
Seem's a good idea but We went down this road about 18 month's ago, Alex said we could use the lounge for our talking bit but only if hotel guest's were not in there eating.