Family Fun Day - Saturday 28th August


Club co ordinator
I have received an email regarding a family fun day to be held on August Bank holiday weekend. Read below for more info....

I am a local PCSO in the Horndean, Waterlooville area and i am holding a Community family Fun day on SATURDAY 28TH AUGUST in Jubilee Fields, Catherington Lane, Horndean from 11am-3pm. We are looking to hold a classic/vintage car show we have the NYPD car as the day includes a 999 spectacular display is there any other like vehicles or club members that would be interested in joining us with their cars?

During the months of July, August and September Hampshire Constabulary will implement an initiative specifically aimed at reducing the incidents of Anti-Social Behaviour and Criminal Damage across the force area. The initiative will also aim to have a long lasting impact in this area of business by identifying best practise as an organisation and encouraging a one team approach in tackling this problem. The Fun day will be a multi agency approach to tackling ASB and restoring confidence in our communities, creating bonds between local families and young people in the area and gain respect for the area and people living in the area.

The day will commence at 11am - 3pm although set up will be from 10am, we will be delighted if you could join us for the day?

If you require any further information then either contact myself or Martyn Calder with the NYPD Police car.
I thought i had seen it already but not sure where. Martyn asked me about it on Saturday so as i got an email from them direct thought i better put it on again.
No worries, i didn't give my post a good title. There are so many things going on these days. Its great to get out in the car. Have you got your light fitted yet? See ya tonight. Looks like good weather for cruising.
Trace and H have just landed in Turkey so they wont be at club tonight xx take care xx
Was that a tuff decision for them?, Club nite / Turkey.... lol. hope they have a good holiday, I expect its a tad warm there.
It was a tough decision, but somebody had to make it, and its only in the 40's so its not too warm!, our Daniel is over there as well on his honeymoon, but at the opposite end of the country so they cant meet up, never mind. As we speak 22 close members of our family are abroad and where are we......... going to club tonight ha ha !!! take care xx
Pah, they can have Turkey, I'd take the club night & cruise anyday

Luckily my holiday is next week and I get back the day before the southsea cruise ;)
Ah ya only jealous Darren. I'll be hitting the beach very soon!! Anyways where you going for your hols?

P.s. They have a lovely garage here that sells only 2010 Camaros so we still get our fix hehe!!!