end of season show


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i can report that street force dc are working on a dance routine for end of season show at farmhouse:blabla:
Cool we look forward to seeing them. Thanks Bob
when is this please.
will we be gettin some flyers done before ???
i will try my best to get to this
Hi all

Well it has been confirmed that our end of season show will be on Saturday 1st October from 12pm-6pm.

We are hoping that the American diner as well as a few stalls will be attending but i am awaiting confirmation. Also as Bob advised at the beginning of this post, Street Force DC will be putting on a dance routine for us. As usual we will have our resident DJ, Crazy Pete, running to commentary and playing lots of classic tunes to entertain you through the day.

If anyone has any other ideas what else can be done on the day then please advise.

Is anyone doing any flyers? It's just that Bob thinks I'm doing them, but I didn't know I was. The only real place to put flyers now is at the Alton so, so is it worth doing some?

Also, I've added the show to the Wave 105 events listing.
No i didn't think you were doing them either D. I personally don't think it is worth it now as i have advertised it with loads of other clubs plus at Alton we generally are the only American cars there. No more cruises before then either so just a waste of money now. Thanks for putting it on Wave. I think we should try and get it in the evening news too.
Lovely. How much space do they need and where will they be located? Is the grass area up the top ok? or concrete better? Are you going to be at next club night Bob? We will be having final discussions that night.
Do we have a tele to show the tunnel run and cruises, if not we have a spare flat screen, only small but Im sure it will do the job if it is needed. xx
Just had confirmation that the Eagle Riders will be bringing about 20 Harleys along after their brekkie run. How excitting!!
:usa2:hi all managed to get tomorrow after noon off so izzy and me will be there from about 12.30
street force dc will be there for from 1. and trace can they set up infront of farmhouse in car park
Well we all had a fun fab day and thanks to everyone who came along and supported us. The weather was glorious which was a great help.