Econoline Haynes Manual Wanted


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Has anyone out there got a Haynes Manual that covers a 91 Ford Econoline that they don't need? I can give you a few quid for it, just can't afford a new one at the moment.

Would look something like this.....


Even if you can only lend it to me would be cool, so I can get familiarised with a few bits on BM.
And now I have ordered one! Cheers Dan!!
No worries. I was going to say if you had trouble ordering from them I could have ordered it for you, and brought it along to club night if it made it here in time.
Amazon is my friend along with Mr Ebay of course!!!
Has the manual arrived yet?
It has arrived, ordered the one that covers upto 91, they sent the one upto 88, but hopefully will still be ok.
just read all posts sorry mate i got one sitting in workshop ya coulda borrowed if the one you got is no good let me know,,, but the model you got was made in 87 so you should be ok apart from the injection system yours is multi point but the basics are the same,
Cheers dude. Just so I don't have to call you everytime something breaks. lol.
no worries mate just tx if ya gotta prob maybe i can advise ya ,,,,,, or pop up workshop on a saurday morn if im there,,,,,,