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Just came across this, well actually the cleaner at work mentioned it. He said he will get one for his next car.

Triple pack FUEL SAVER MISER Petrol,Diesel & LPG ENGINE | eBay

How can it possibly work. It certainly wouldn't fit the fuel lines on my car. Even if magnets could polarise the fuel atoms, after they have passed though the fuel injectors they would be scrambled again anyway.

Fail to see how it works.
Hmmm..........if it worked and was that good would you really be able to pick it up for less than ?4???? I'm not convinced!
If it was that simple wouldn't all the big car manufactures be implementing something like this top increase their MPG rating, therefore increasing sales.
Its gotta be just a gimmick. To make the car more efficient you need to be burning fuel at a specific fuel air ratio, lamber (oxygen) sensors sort this out on vehicles when they are in closed loop. To make combustion more efficient then valve timing could be changed, to product less power but brining up efficiently.
I fail to see how magnets on a fuel line could make any difference at all. Apart from if they came in different colours, it may look kinda cool.
It doesn't work. As you say, even if the magnets aligned all the fuel particles, unless the path afterwards was perfectly straight they'd soon be in a random pattern again. This is as much of a gimmick as the resistors that people sell to put in-line with the cold air temp probe and claim they boost bhp.

Waste of money. The only thing anyone could buy on ebay that may increase mpg is a lighter pair of shoes ;)