driving test


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hey guys, just thought i would let u all know that i have passed my driivng test 2 day woop woop :) :) xx
Oh no, another woman on the road. lol, (Jan and Tracey will be on to me now) Only kidding. Well done Summer. What car did your dad buy you for passing? I know you mentioned an older Fiesta a while back, do you still have it?
DANIEL watch it!!!!!! Another Renebabe hurrah. Very proud of you babe xx
Let me know when you want the stereo sorted, can't have you driving round with no tunes!!
thanks to all ur comment lol and yeah ill let u know when i would like my stereo fitted thanks and yeah dan still have the mk1 fiesta
Well done Summer, knew you could do it, and Young Danny Boy lookout your in trouble lol x
Nice one Summer! That's brilliant! Best get polishing that Fiesta I reckon :dance:
well done summer