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20 years ago today i passed my driving test.
When did you pass yours and did you do it 1st time like me?
I passed second time. Was 19 the first time and 21 when I passed.
Was at college at the time, drove for 13 hours spread over many months as that was all I could afford. Failed that time for speeding on the eastern road, doing 34mph in a 30 zone. I said if I look at the speedo anymore while driving i wouldn't be looking at what I'm approaching. I also failed on an emergency stop. He said if it had been raining i would have skidded, however it was raining and i had my wipers on so i don't see what the problem was there. They get to a quota of a certain amount passing each month. I reckons i was near the end of the month.
The second time I had the head of Hampshire chappy for my test. I thought I am doomed. We say in traffic for 20 of the 35mins in Southsea which helped. I passed that time.

Well done for passing first time. Lets add this up, you must have been at least 18 when you passed, and that was 20 years ago... I didn't know you were that old, :noidea: you don't look it.
I passed my driving test on the 3rd of January 1996 (19) and my bike test on the 29th of Jun 2007 (30), both first time.
Yeah i am an oldie now. I am 40 next year Dan so big party then for sure!! I probably don't act my age which helps plus the fact Mum looks so young still.

I want to do my bike test too but H is the only thing holding me back. He has seen me drive so is scared i would kill myself on a bike. I'll keep working on him!!
God I love you oh daughter of mine and NO you are not doing your bike test!! I passed my test on 3rd July 1973, second time cause I had a problem with the examiner on the first test and told him to open the window cause he smelt !!!!
I agree, but to be honest I just wanted him out of the car so I think I must of driven like a women possessed just to get back to the exam centre. In those days we had to do hand signals as well so I kept my window open all the time, and he kept telling me shut it, I dont think so lol xx
Blimey, 1973 was 2 years before i was born. I don't expect there was many cars on the road back then, when I see old b&w photos there isn't many cars about.
Was that near the year when you didn't have to take a driving test? I know it was some time in the past when you could buy a driving licence at the post office.
You are definately cruisin Mr. Potter and it aint of the driving variety, remember who is buying and cooking your food at the Nationals !!!! Whats that old saying, actually there are two, 1. What goes around comes around and 2. Revenge will be mine and it will be sweet !!!:lalala::clap:
Dan's gotta sleep with one eye open lalalalala!!!!!!!!:fear:
Yeah, I dont want anyone peeing on my tent again while I'm in it.
Righht ... now let me look right back in time!

I passed my bike test in 1977 and car test in 1978, both first time. Passed my Instutute of Advanced Motorists test in 1980. Pased high performance driving club (now not around) in 1982.

First Car ... Reliant Super Van, a bit slow so I fitted a 1275cc Mini Engine in the back. Fastest car ever owned, chipped Volvo T5, Most fun car Fait Mirafiori 2000, First American Car '67 Mustang Fastback, and best car ever .... FREEDOM the day van.
Hi Renegades,

I passed my driving test in Sept 1983 at 17 the second time,unfortunately i would have passed first time if i hadnt been speeding on the way back to the test centre, i was flat out like a lizzard drinking, oops!

My first car was a Ford Cortina MK2 of course seeing as i am a big fan of the blue oval,and its been down hill ever since.

Nanu Nanu,its always sunny on my planet!! Superb!
My first car was a brown (ick!!!) Austin Allegro with twin exhausts, sports model no less!!! It went extremely fast and frightened the pants of a new driver - me!!! i only had it 6 months as i killed it and so then went on to a Metro that i called Myrtle. I am so glad i have advanced in my taste of cars over the years!!!!!
My first car was a black mini, which I still have and will get back on the road one day. I had it since just before I passed my test, and killed the engine after about 3 years. I replaced the engine with a 1.4 stage 3 engine with a nice freeflow exhaust, however another few years down the line the body gave out. So I'm looking for a pre '73 shell to use as a base for the car and swap all the running gear and interior over and get her on the road again.
I passed my test in 1993 aged 17 I passed first time after nine lessons, I managed to drive for a whole 7 days before i wrote of my first car an Austin Metro
hi guys , i passed my test in 1984 five days after my 17th birthday , first car was a 1275gt mini , then a mk 1 capri 2000gt , first yank 1972 ford ltd ( very rotten ) .
I passed September 2007, age 19, First car Peugeot 306, nothing exciting with me here :) and passed both first time,