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Hi to all, I have been lurking in the background on your forum and have found it interesting and a good read, your club is the nearest to me ( Ringwood)that has similar interests to mine,however I notice it seems to be predominately American car orientated and wonder if you welcome people with British cars. I'm currently doing up a 1970's 3.5 coupe with a few alterations in the theme of mild rodding an would be interested in your remarks about this car. Please don't get me wrong I'm no Rover nut but happen to like this particular model but think it has something to offer , I do admire older American models and what it takes to keep them on the road.
it is a classic AND american car club so my view on it is, why not :) there are a couple classic brittish cars in the club already so you wont be the only one with a non american car. im pretty sure you could be apart of the club. im not sure what you have to do to become a member these days though...
What a lovely old car ! By all means come along to one of our club meets, every other Tuesday at the Farmhouse, Eastern Road Pompey. Our next meet is next Tuesday and would love to see you there. As Jack says we are not just Yanks, in fact you dont have to own a car to be part of our club, just a general interest is all it takes. You also dont have to do anything to join, just come along enjoy a chat and a drink and thats it, looking forward to meeting you in the not so distant future, take care x
Anyone can be a member, you dont even need a car!!! Welcome truckdoctor, i also admire the 3500 and the old p6!
i forgot that you dont need a car to be a member. after all, i have a moped XD hope to see you at next clubnight (Tuesday 26th) :)
Welcome nice looking car
Hi Steve

I hope everyone has made you feel welcome and as they say come along and join in the fun. If you can't make it to our club nights then take a look at the events calendar as we have quite a lot happening over the next couple of months. We may even arrange a brekkie run down your way (St Leonards) as we tend to meet up with the Dorset Car Club there.

Hope to meet you soon
hi welcome trucky nice wheels mate car looks good to,lol are you still restorin or is it on road? V8 cool if ya need a tip or 2 or rebuild look up www.pauls-place.co.uk sure we can give ya a quote or get you parts at good rates, come over on tues nite one week, see our club coordinator tracey she will take your details but not ya money, she got a hubby for that hehe, we all mad well some of are hope to see ya soon mate

crazy pete
Hang on Peter i do take ya money but only when you want Christmas dinners, bowling, t-shirts, caps, mugs zippys, jackets etc hehe!!!
Hi Steve

Welcome to the club and loving your Rover Coupe, reminds me of the Street Machine project Rover many years ago, you are more than welcome to join the club and look forward to seeing you soon. Keep us posted on the progress of your Rover and hopefully we will see it out soon.

Cheers Superb!
We may even arrange a brekkie run down your way (St Leonards) as we tend to meet up with the Dorset Car Club there.

Hope to meet you soon

Brekkie Run! Now that sounds good (says he awaiting a piza delivery). I still have your Best in Show Trophy. Speak soon.
Hey Chris we are looking at going to the Mudeford meet on Dec 12th if you wanna come along. Starts at 2pm and we could meet you somewhere down there i am sure. Otherwise it will be after Christmas to St Leonards probably.