Club Cars, putting them in the Blog section


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You may have noticed we now have a 'Blogs' section to the website.
Well we can create a page talking about our pride and joy, and share with everyone. You can add photos and put text around them, creating an article yourself. Its really quite simple to do.

Here is an example of one

Cliick on 'Blogs' on the right hand side click on '+ Create New Post'
Give it a title, eg, 1980 Corevette stingray owned by Steve
and then below that write all about your car. you can insert images by clicking on 'manage attachments' right down the bottom on the left. To upload a photos from your computer there is an 'Add Files' button at the top right. You will soon get the hang of it. Also once done, tick the box 'Club Cars' under Global Categories and then click 'Post Now'

Let me know if you have any problems. Happy writting.
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