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I have been looking into a new modification to the forum. Is basically an online aution for you to buy and sell car parts. Basically would people be interested in this feature being part of the forum. Its free to add, and wont take too long to implment. :clown:

1.- How it works
  • A user posts an Ad. If the user hasn't post a profile before, the system auto creates one for him, populating it with any data there are in his forum profile.
  • Members who are searching or browsing ads can see his ad. According the adtype (For sale, Wanted, Auction), they can Buy it or Bid on it. The ad becomes invisible to public.
  • System PMs seller about the sale. Seller can accept or decline the sale. In case of accept the ad is marking as pending payment. If seller declines the sale, the ad is activating again.
  • When the payment is done, seller marks it as paid, the ad is removing from the server (with all related photos and attachments), and some data remain for history only.
  • System PMs buyer that the sale has been finalized, and prompts him to rate and review the seller.
  • In a time frame that admin has setup, seller and buyer can review each other. During this period reviews are hidden. When the time frame expires, the reviews become visible. Also with the help of a cron job, there is a check which activates reviews, even before the expiration, if both parties have post the review.
2.- Frontend Features
  • 3 types of Classifieds (For Sale, Wanted, Auction).
  • Different look for each type.
  • Powerfull Search engine
  • What's New (Last 7, 14, 21, 30 days)
  • Buyer can rate Seller, but also Seller can rate Buyer.
  • Profile Information
    • Full contact details
    • Google Map Locator
    • Value as Seller:
      • Rating
      • Total Sales
      • Total Amount of sold items
    • Value as Buyer
      • Rating
      • Total orders that he placed
      • Total amount of his orders
    • Active Ads
    • Sold Ads
    • Reviews that he gots as Seller (from Buyers)
    • Reviews that he gots as Buyer (from Sellers)
    • Contact form
  • Information Blocks in Main page:
    • Auctions to Expire
    • Random Classifieds
    • Premium Classifieds
    • Premium Profiles
    • Newest Idividual Ads
    • Newest Store Ads
    • Top Sellers (Rating)
    • Top Buyers (Rating)
    • Best Sellers (Amount of items that he sold)
    • Best Buyers (Amount of items that he bought)
  • User can bookmark an Ad
  • User can mark to follow a category, so he will get a PM for each new ad placed in that category (including subcategories).
  • Logon user can:
    • Post an Ad (if it is permitting by his usergroup permissions).
    • Edit his profile
    • See the public view of his profile
    • My Classifieds section with:
      • Active Ads with options to Edit, Hide, Activate (if hidden) or Delete it
      • Hidden Ads with options to Activate or Delete
      • Accept Sales. List all Ads that have expired (if auction) or someone asked to buy them. Options: Accept sale, Reject sale, Delete Ad
      • Pending Ads, showing the ads awaiting to be paid. Options to close the sale (after payment), or to reactivate the ad
      • Sold Ads
    • My Bids
    • My Bookmarks
    • My Watch categories
    • My History, showing:
      • Items that I sold
      • Items that I bought
  • Attractive interface
  • Easy to understand and use by your members
  • Certified Memebrs
Errr......Isn't that what fleabay is for? Not sure how many people would look on here for this.
Errr......Isn't that what fleabay is for? Not sure how many people would look on here for this.

Thats what I was wondering. If someone wanted a bargain they would go on eBay. I think if people wanted to sell a part for their car on here, then they could post the ad for it in a regular post. I suppose if we had 10's of people wanting the same item then bidding may be handy. Most of us all have different cars, therefore different parts needed, so probably not gonna be any one bidding.
The main thins different to the forum auction is free listing, but then you wont get the coverage. I guess you could sell anything you desire.
I think what most forums do is have a Classifieds sub-forum where people can just post up what they want to sell. I think any more than that would be overkill really.
Well we have the subforum for selling etc.. so we probably have all we need.

Thanks for the feedback guys.
As Chris says, yes, you could use e-bay of course. But what I will say is this.. e-bay does attract a lot of time wasters, whereas someone looking on a car club forum based sale might be less likely to mess you about. Just a feeling I have.

Case in point, I recently tried to sell my son's moped on e-bay. But despite including ALL information in the listing, I received numerous stupid questions about what I had already covered. When someone did buy it, they asked me if I would effectively cover the cost of their fuel to come and collect it as they lived so far away! When I politely refused, they backed out of the sale! I tried offering the bike to 2 lower bidders, both of which did not reply. It cost me a listing fee.

I put the same moped on our forum's for-sale section and it sold within a couple of weeks to a local buyer who paid messing.

The same applied to my Firebird wheels recently advertised on our forum. It seems to work well. The buyer said he actually found my advert with a Google search!

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