Chrome radiator bracket - Chevrolet


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Hi guys,

I have a brand new radiator bracket for sale that I won off ebay, but it's the wrong size for my car. Seing as it will almost cost as much to send it back as it would to get a new one, I thought I'd sell this one to make the money back and then order the one to fit my car.

It should fit:

68-73 Chevelle & Camero
68-79 Nova (but not if you have the larger stock radiator, I didn't know there were 2 sizes :mad:)
70-72 Monte Carlo

Direct replacement for GM part number #360633

It looks to be good quality, and is brand new, I've not even opened the bag yet.

If you're interested, I can bring it to a tuesday meet-up to check the size.


?30 and it's yours.