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Krys directed me to the club as I've just bought my first classic - a 1969 Mk1 Ford Capri 1.6l XL Auto so not at all fast, but definately very pretty.

I'm also a photographer and one of my subjects of photographic interest is performance and classic cars - I regularly do photography at shows and have had my car photos published in Mini World, Mini Mag and the Shoreham Herald to date. I also do individual car shoots if you want some stunning photos of your pride and joy!

This is my new baby
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:welcome: Jen!! Glad I managed to get you on here, now to work on the rest!!
hi and welcome x
didnt know that there was that many capris on the road hahahaha:focus: welcome newbie, :drum:
Hi and welcome
capri those were the good old days welcome to the club
Welcome to the club :car:
Hey Jen welcome to the madhouse. I loved my Dad's gold capri when i was a lickle girl and i love yours too only because its yellow. I have a thing for yellow cars :)
Yes it is one of the first capri's :)
Don't worry it will be staying yellow although it was originally green - there's still some of the original colour hiding at the back of the engine bay.
It will probably cost me a fortune in shiny parts!